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Nature does not Hurry, yet Everything is Accomplished - Lao Tzu 

Gentle Stream

 Healing Tools 

 Here, you'll find some tips and useful information on various healing tools... These are items which we can use to help us on our journey through self-discovery  and holistic healing.

Remember... our energetic intention is what gives these tools their power. 


Cleansing is an important way to keep your energy & aura protected, and keeps you and your crystals working at a high vibration!

Your intention is the most important and powerful part of cleansing ...


Burning dried herbs like Sage, Sweetgrass, Yerba Santa, and more, are all excellent cleansers. Have the window or door open and let the smoke carry all negative or stagnant energy out!

Sound Therapy

The high frequencies produced by Singing Bowls, Tingshaw Bells and these Aura Chimes make them excellent cleansers. These certain frequencies can be used in healing too!

Light & Visualisation

Visualising light through and around you or your crystals is an excellent way of cleansing energy. The energy you put out into the world and yourself is very powerful.

White candles are used for purity and may assist in this visualisation too.



These healing tools can be used to release blockages in the energy centres of our body. They can also used for cleansing decks of cards.

Cleansing Decks of Cards Using Dried Herbs & Pendulums...

Cleansing your deck when your first get it and before/after you use it when reading for someone else is the best way to clear your cards of previous energy that may still be lingering. You may have your own way of cleansing them, which is perfectly fine (trust your intuition), but here is one of the ways you can do so!

Firstly, cleanse your pendulum by circling your sage smudge stick anti-clockwise around it. Remember to open the window! Ground yourself and think about your intentions while cleansing the crystal pendulum.

Then, take your cards and and hold the smudge stick below your cards, letting the smoke rise to it.

(Avoid burning your cards with ash, don’t hold the sage above the cards!)

Lastly, with your cleansed pendulum held above the deck, drop the pendulum while holding onto the top of the chain so the crystal circles above the cards. Allow the pendulum to move in whichever direction it does until it finally slows and stops.

They are now cleared of previous energy and are ready to use!

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