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As the evenings draw in

Hi everyone quick have those evenings drawn in, it seems to have arrived far too quickly and i dont feel ready yet! So we are now in the darkest quarter of the year, when the sunlight hours are getting shorter and shorter and our evenings seem to go on forever!

The Cailleach, the wise Crone, the Goddess now takes reign of our beautiful land as the last of our trees let their leaves fall and the land seems bare and tired. Our days feel colder as the light thins and our nights become frosty .The natural world has retreated to the Earth to rest and await renewal and rebirth in the Spring.

The elemental energy of this time of year is water which affects our emotions, hence why we can feel quite emotional or the feeling of just being flat as our bodies and minds readjust to the seasons change. Do you struggle with it? Do you feel low right now? This year has been a real challenge! It's good to be aware of how we are feeling with the seasons adjustment and its impact on us on top of the pandemic. Are you still racing ahead of yourself? Have you slowed down yet?

The seasonal change can have a bigger effect on us emotionally and physically than maybe you are aware of. Its called S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder) and yes its a very real issue.

If you are feeling any of these symptoms have a chat with a friend/family member or doctor. It's good to talk and our mental health wellness is more important than ever so if you see someone struggling create a space for them to chat and don't be afraid to ask direct questions, sometimes one needs to be asked!

Like nature retreating back into the Earth we can all find ourselves pulling back from going out, avoiding interaction with others, snuggling up in our pjs and sleeping/eating alot more and this is quite alright unless its out of character for you or someone you know. Its hard this year as we feel more isolated and lonely with not having the same connection with people. For me i really miss hugs that physical interaction with someone especially when needed or if someone else needs one.

So how do we help ourselves during this seasonal adjustment. Below are some lovely and easy self care ideas. I personally love essential oils and soy wax candles at this time of the year so they are a constant in my house these evenings.

Do what you need to do to help yourself through this season, the light will return as we are weeks away from Yule when there will be another turn of the Celtic wheel of the year. We will get through mantra at the moment is one day even one hour sometimes at a time. Do not rush!

Become aware of your bodies need and acknowledge it.

Be safe. Love Helen. Xx

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