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🌕 October's Blue Moon 🎃

Well Samhain/Halloween is almost upon us and it may be different this year due to Covid 19 but it will feature a spooky spectacle none the less. When you look at the night sky at the weekend you will see the second full moon of the month. 🌕This is called a Blue moon which is uncommon and it doesn't appear blue either. Blue refers to the fact that it is a rare event. This moon is called the Hunters moon as Native American Indians used to hunt and track prey by Autumn moonlight to stock up for winter.

Most people no longer hunt for meat or even eat meat now but we can still benefit from the moons vibrations.

This moon won't be a big moon either as its the furthest moon away from Earth in 2020 but that doesn't mean it wont be just as beautiful. It also has been named in different parts of the world as The Mourning Moon and The Frost Moon, can you see why?

The night sky holds great wonders and something else in the night sky this weekend to look out for is the planet Mars as it will be the closest its been to Earth in two years and you will spot it near the full moon. Its the red star in the sky, of course all this depends on a clear night so fingers crossed.🙏

Emotions can be disruptive too. During a Full Moon and I know for me some moons affect me more than others. It can cause a whole range of issues from erratic behaviour, tension, tiredness, emotional upset, sleep issues and anxiety, to manic cleaning of my house( this one doesn't happen to me so much!!) to excess energy and I feel on top of the world.

So however it affects you its good to be aware and remember that those feelings do pass.

Honouring the moon reconnects us with the Earths rhythms and our own cycles. When we are aware and in sync with nature it is easier to listen to our bodies and in doing so we are better equipped emotionally to deal with life's ebbs and flow. These are some ways to help and few more ideas are below.

Charge up your Crystals in the Full moon, on your windowsill inside or out. Then make Moon Water, with Spring water, if you don't have a safe outdoor source of fresh water, like a stream. Place in a glass or Offering bowl, cover and leave it out all night and it creates a Moon Elixir.

This is great for uplifting your energy, spell-work, ritual or ceremony throughout the month and enjoy this beautiful event.

Happy New Year too to all my Pagan friends at the weekend as its the Celtic New Year.

Love Helen. Xx

PS. if you're not sure when each Full and New Moon is check out our new Lunar Wall Calendars for 2021

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