Total running time: About 52 minutes

The Tracks:
1 By the sea 18.00
2 An adventure in space 16.40
3 Snowflake 17.10

On the outside cover 
Three captivating and calming bedtime meditations for children of all ages.
(This CD is designed to settle your child at bedtime and may also be used at other times for general relaxation.)

On the inside cover:
"Calm for Kids makes me go to sleep quicker and stops me getting nightmares. The stories are really fun and I have listened to them over and over again." - Alex, age 9

Calm for Kids can help children

• Enjoy a sense of calm and wellbeing
• Improve their focus and concentration
• Develop confidence and creativity
• Sleep soundly and peacefully

Bedtime Meditations for Kids CD

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