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Smudging bundle

Approx 25cm
- read label for information.

Sustainably grown & ethically harvested

How to Smudge:
1. Open a window/ door for the smoke to carry negativity out of. 

2. Set your intention or prepare a mantra/ prayer you may say (aloud or to yourself) while smudging. 

3. Make sure you have a heat-proof dish or shell to extinguish your smudging bundle at the end, or where your charcoal disk will be placed if you’ll be burning loose herbs. 

4. Light the end of your smudging bundle and gently blow out the flame so that it smoulders and smoke rises. 

Or if you’re using charcoal, light the disk and watch it heat up and glow (light with caution as the charcoal heats up very quickly!). Then set some loose dried leaves on the charcoal and watch the smoke rise. 

5. Carry the smudge bundle around where you’d like to cleanse and use your hand or a feather to gently wave the smoke towards where you’d like to direct it, saying your mantra/intention to help your focus. 
(Be mindful of any falling ash or smouldering leaves!) 

6. When you are finished, put out the smudge bundle on the shell or heat-proof dish. The charcoal dish will also go out by itself. 
*Do not leave unattended until they are fully extinguished. 

7. Close the window/door when you are finished and close your ceremony how you like. 

• You are Pregnant 
• You have breathing or lung issues 

Blue Sage Smudge Bundle