Dalmatian Jasper Crystal Tower
Ethically sourced

Height: approx. 9/10cm

Crystal towers can be placed anywhere in the home to amplify their healing energy. They aid meditation and mindfulness by helping to focus the mind. 
If you are interested in crystal grids, towers make the perfect centre piece to generate your desired energy. Crystal towers are super beneficial as their directed energy can be used to heal blockages in your body/chakras as well as your surroundings! 

Physical healing properties:
• Helps with IBS, removing toxins & preventing muscle spasms. 
• Boosts immune system. 
• Helps prevent skin problems and allergic rashes

Emotional healing properties:
• Reawakens sense of joy and humour from within
• Anti-smoking crystal
• Encourages loyalty among family members and happiness in your sanctuary if you live alone 

Extra information:
• Strengthens family and friendship bonds
• place in the home where you like to relax
• It’s energy is slow but effective- use in the long term for healing and protection. 
• It counteracts cynicism, disillusion and scepticism.
• Makes a good gift for bad-tempered relatives. 
• Protects against children’s nightmares of monsters and eases adults’ fear of dogs

Dalmatian Jasper Tower