These stunning hand hammered, brass singing bowls have a wonderfully complex set of overtones and harmonics. 
Each comes unboxed with a wooden striker.
Hand beaten bowls have more complex and overtone rich range of sounds, than machine bowls, but there is more of a knack to playing them!

Rest the singing bowl in the palm of the hand; hold smaller bowls on the fingertips. Hold the striker in the middle with all fingertips pointing downwards. Gently tap the striker against the side of the bowl to ‘warm it up’. 
With an even pressure, rub the striker clockwise around the outside rim of the bowl. Use a full arm movement just like stirring a big pan of soup. 
Try to keep the striker straight and remember to apply pressure. Let the sound build up slowly as the singing bowl picks up the vibration.

Approx: 400g
These bowls are sold by weight and circumference will vary between shipments.
Approx: 120mm ∅ at point of widest curvature. 
Origin: Nepal

Hand-Beaten Mountain Singing Bowl