Mehndi/Henna cones by Neha Herbals. 
Produced in India. 

This is an ancient Indian body art practice, which uses natural dye from the henna plant. Mehndi is an important cultural part of Indian celebrations & festivals, like Diwali and weddings. Mehndi ceremonies are held the day before a couples’ wedding, where both people and their relatives adorn their arms & palms with stunning designs using the temporary tattoo dye. 
It is said to symbolise luck, good spirits, and fertility. 

This is 100% natural henna when dry is a brown /deep orange depending on how long you leave it on. 
Oil Based. 

(Using mehndi oil before and after applying your henna - this will enhance your tattoo.) 

This is a quality product. Not to be confused with cheaper, potentially harmful Henna.
List of ingrediants are : Purified Water, Henna Powder, Benzyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Terpineol, Polysaccharide, Eucalyptus Oil

Mehndi/Henna Cone