Mixed Crystal Egg Set
Ethically sourced 

Crystals: amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, green aventurine, carnelian, yellow calcite

Height of each egg approx. 2.5cm

Crystal eggs are useful tools for a number of purposes. Not only have they been used as precious gifts to pass down to generations, they are also wonderful healing tools for things like:

• Helping fertility & IVF
• Helping health of womb, ovaries, menstruation, hormones & PMS
• Easing anxiety over conceiving a baby or becoming a foster/adoptive parent
• Sacral Chakra healing 
• Attracting luck, creativity & abundance
• Drawing out pain from the body when used to massage 
• Reiki, reflexology & acupressure
• Clearing energy blockages in your energy field by holding them a few centimetres from our body
• Healing ourselves through love
• Manifesting things into our life - birthing new ideas, dreams and growing
• Releasing the crystal's energy steadily over a long period of time

A great way to get the benefits of this mixed egg set is to put them in a cloth bag and each day, pick outhouse luck-bringing egg for the day. Focus on why that crystal egg came out for you on that day.

You can also use this set to focus your goals into and bring into fruition.

Mixed Crystal Egg Set