Moonstone Crystal Tower
Ethically sourced

Height: approx. 11cm

Crystal towers can be placed anywhere in the home to amplify their healing energy. They aid meditation and mindfulness by helping to focus the mind. 
If you are interested in crystal grids, towers make the perfect centre piece to generate your desired energy. Crystal towers are super beneficial as their directed energy can be used to heal blockages in your body/chakras as well as your surroundings! 

Physical healing properties:
• Helps with womb, ovaries, hormones, pregnancy, breasts, and weight. 
• Improves digestion and helps with kidney & gallstones. 
• Sacral chakra

Emotional healing properties:
• Encourages calm yet effective responses in fraught situations. 
• Speaking what is in your heart
• Helps you get back into the ebb and flow of the lunar cycle and it’s effect on the body, mind & soul. 

Extra information:
• Travelling, especially over-seas & helps combat jet lag.
• Drives away nightmares & insomnia
• ultimate fertility crystal 
• Divine feminine energy

Moonstone Tower