Moss Agate Spheres
A truly stunning and magical crystal...

Ethically sourced

Small: 4cm
Medium: 5cm 
Large: 6cm
Very heavy as pure crystal. 

Crystal spheres are excellent healers... they keep the healing energy in a room constant and pure. 

They have been associated with clairvoyance; connecting with ancestors and spirit. 

A tradition in Ancient China uses crystal spheres to reflect power from the sun to spread luck, health & success throughout a home or workplace. 
In Femg Shui, they are used as energy-balancers.

Crystal properties:
• A crystal of new beginnings 
• Releasing old fears and gaining new trust
• Creating a new purpose in life
• Very helpful for coming back into the world after a period of isolation or sickness
• Boosts immune system, and great for fighting colds & flu
• Energise water with moss agate for yourself of for a pet to connect with the natural world, particularly if you’re indoors a lot or live in a city
• Draws new business opportunities 
• Great for the self-employed 
• Stone of gardeners
• Very helpful when struggling with tax returns, spreadsheets or finances - encourages savings and reverses outflow of money
• Brings new friendships with like-minded people

Moss Agate Sphere