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Orange Jasper Crystal Heart
Ethically sourced

Approx. Size: 
Large: 8x7cm
Small: 7x6.5cm

Hearts are at the center of our life force...they govern not only the depths of our emotions and our loves, but our joy and strength.

Crystal hearts greatly support our healing intentions directed to our heart-space; our love, happiness, vitality and passions! 

Working with the heart chakra/ heart-space benefits us so that we can:
• Give & receive love equally 
• Empathize without drowning in responsibility
• Value ourselves as we are
• Appreciate beauty & strive for  harmony
• Healing trauma which holds us back

Crystal's Properties:
• Transforming your thoughts into positive ones
• Helps you keep moving forward with your head high
• Separating a dark past from your bright future
• A 'stone that makes dreams come true' - aids a strong wish
• Brings vitality and progress

Orange Jasper Heart