Peruvian Orange & Green Aragonite Sphere
Ethically sourced

Diameter: 5.5cm 
Very heavy as pure crystal. 

Crystal spheres are excellent healers... they keep the healing energy in a room constant and pure. 

They have been associated with clairvoyance; connecting with ancestors and spirit. 

A tradition in Ancient China uses crystal spheres to reflect power from the sun to spread luck, health & success throughout a home or workplace. 
In Femg Shui, they are used as energy-balancers.

Crystal properties:
• Aragonite’s connection to Earth’s energy gives you strength and steadfast to stabilise yourself in the mind, body & spirit
• Grounding yourself to the earth, and silencing your mind
• Works with the heart & sacral chakra 
• Gently encourages children towards independence 
• Place in the centre of other crystals to send loving energies to family or friends
• Neutralising stress in your home
• Stone of moderation - especially in cases or extreme dieting or exercise 
• Helps keep away winter chills
• Helps with joint support, circulation, nervous system, hair loss and chronic fatigue 

Peruvian Orange & Green Aragonite Sphere