Tourmaline Crystal Egg 
Ethically sourced 

Height approx. 7cm

Crystal eggs are useful tools for a number of purposes. Not only have they been used as precious gifts to pass down to generations, they are also wonderful healing tools for things like:

• Helping fertility & IVF
• Helping health of womb, ovaries, menstruation, hormones & PMS
• Easing anxiety over conceiving a baby or becoming a foster/adoptive parent
• Sacral Chakra healing 
• Attracting luck, creativity & abundance
• Drawing out pain from the body when used to massage 
• Reiki, reflexology & acupressure
• Clearing energy blockages in your energy field 
• Healing ourselves through love
• Manifesting things into our life - birthing new ideas, dreams and growing
• Releasing the crystal's energy steadily over a long period of time 

Specific crystal properties for this egg
• Helps with arthritis pain when held or used to massage 
• Helps with IBS, constipation and bowel problems
• Helps aching lower backs, feet, ankles and muscles 

• Most protective crystal for energy field
• Protects you against energy vampires
• Extremely grounding- bringing you back into your body
• Anxiety, stress, suicidal thought, self harm, addiction and panic attacks 

Tourmaline Egg