Yellow Moonstone Crystal Tower
Ethically sourced

Small approx. 9cm
Large approx. 10.5cm

Crystal towers can be placed anywhere in the home to amplify their healing energy. They aid meditation and mindfulness by helping to focus the mind. 
If you are interested in crystal grids, towers make the perfect centre piece to generate your desired energy. Crystal towers are super beneficial as their directed energy can be used to heal blockages in your body/chakras as well as your surroundings! 

Physical healing properties:
•Helps hormonal cycles, menstruation, menopause, surrogate mothering & IVF. 
• Helps stomach acid, indigestion, nausea, and pancreatic problems. 
• Sacral chakra

Emotional healing properties:
• consoling crystal for those feeling helpless because of weight problems - use to help love yourself as you are now and to separate food from emotional needs. 
• Brings out the best in people who are shy or difficult to be around. 

Extra information:
• Helpful for gardeners, florists, , farmers, musicians, artists, dancers and medical staff involved in fertility.
• Most powerful on full moon in late summer & autumn - effective for wishes and empowerment’s on all full moons.
• Encourages enusiasm among lethargic family members.

Yellow Moonstone Tower